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Privacy Policy


Volpini & Batista Sociedade de Advogados is a Law firm providing legal counsel services, abiding by strict ethical principles and committed to be technically current and concerned with the protection of personal information and data as shared by its clients and all remaining components of its services ecosystem.

-Privacy Policy

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VB Advogados has always resorted to the prerogative established by Act 8,906/94 (The Statute of the Legal Profession) that ensures secrecy of all information received from clients. In addition to all measures already adopted, the Firm has implemented policies that define how data are protected in the processes of collection, recording, storage, use, sharing, enrichment and deletion, in compliance with Act 13,709/2018 (General Data Protection Act) and in consonance with our mission and values.


The Law addressing privacy and data protection contains myriad proprietary definitions, for which reason we present some explanation to help understand our policy.


Personal Data: Brazilian law defines “personal data” as every bit of data that refers to an identified or identifiable individual. In practice, the term comprises all data that can identify a person, such as name, CPF, Id number, photograph, etc. In addition, personal data may be sensitive or not.


User: the individual who interacts with VB Advogados in situations in which the individual’s personal data are made available. Examples are persons who browse the Firm’s website, employees, third parties or service providers, event participants, among others.


Treatment: every operation performed with personal data, such as those concerning information collection, production, reception, classification, utilization, access, duplication, transmission, distribution, processing, storage, deletion, evaluation or control, modifications, communications, transfers, dissemination or extraction;


Consent: the free, mindful and unequivocal manifestation by which the information owner concurs with the treatment dispensed to his personal data for a specific purpose;


Which data are collected and treated?


All data provided by the user are treated, and we collect only the information required for the best efficiency of the services provided and interaction with our home page.


Clients, visitors to our page and physical structure who provide their information for registration and to receive information, our employees and service providers are the owners of the data provided.


How do we collect the data?


Data collection is done when:


  • Registration is entered at one of our physical units;

  • Data is provided by the partners;

  • Data is submitted and inserted via the site to receive newsletter and further information;

  • Registration in events promoted by VB Advogados.


Use of Personal Data 


VB Advogados becomes responsible for the treatment of its users’ personal data.


The personal data collected from its users, including those directly or indirectly related to the legal activity will be treated for the purpose of providing legal, educational, and informational services and for dissemination and confirmation of events.


VB Advogados may treat personal data as collected for the purposes provided for in the proper consent when collected from the site and in the cases in which there is a legal basis of authorization as provided in the General Data Protection Act, for the regular prosecution of rights in legal, administration or arbitration processes, the latter as per Act 9,307/96, and also for satisfaction surveys seeking the improvement of our services, among others.


To clarify doubts, we specifically inform what the situations are in which we will use your data:


Provision of legal, judicial and extrajudicial services;


  • Fulfillment of legal obligations that require the provision of data, e.g., court deposit slips;

  • For internal control and maintenance of service provision contracts; 

  • Improvement of internal processes by measuring client evaluations;

  • Provision of information relating to the services provided, courses offered, in addition to institutional communiqués;

  • Sending process information upon use of internal control system;

  • Representation by VB Advogados in any type of administrative and/or judicial action;

  • In the cases of data treatment founded on vested interest, the user can always choose to delete his personal data from our database, sufficing communication to VB Advogados.


Sharing Personal Data


There is information that must be shared; however, in these cases the user’s authorization will always be previously requested, in the cases in which there is no legal basis for such.


Some tools offered in our site are interconnected with other platforms, such as newsletter, in which case VB Advogados will remain the responsible party for the data provided.


I am the data owner, what are my rights?


The General Data Protection Act provides as follows, in its art. 18:

The owner of the personal data has the right to obtain, from the controlling party, as concerns the owner’s data treated by such controlling party, at any time and upon request:


  • Confirmation of the existence of personal data treatment and access to his data at any time;

  • Correction of incomplete, inexact or out of date data;

  • Request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary or excessive data or those whose treatment is non-compliant with the General Data Protection Act;

  • Information concerning data sharing;

  • Deletion of his personal data treated under the owner’s consent, as e-mail addresses to receive electronic messages;

  • Data portability to another service provider, upon request;

  • Consent revocation as per the General Data Protection Act, art. 8, paragraph 5.




We must inform you that we may use cookies, but what are they?


Cookies simple text files, sent by the site to the browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and others), on the first time you visit it.


Thus, in your next access, the browser re-sends the data to the site such that your information is automatically configured. It is for this reason that you don’t have to type your e-mail and password every time you access a social network, for example.


Most browsing software is defined to accept cookies automatically albeit it is possible to configure the browser to refuse all cookies, or to inform when a cookie will be sent.


Our website uses persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies can be removed as per the user’s Internet browser’s help file instructions.


The purpose of using cookies


Analytics: the statistical analysis of browsing, for the purpose of improving the users’ browsing experience.


Advertising: the analysis of user browsing habits and preferences, for the purpose of showing advertising strictly related to the users’ browsing profile.


Personal Data Storage


Data are stored for the period strictly required for each of the purposes described above and/or in accordance with current legal time frames. In case of pending litigation, the data can be stored until the matter becomes res judicata.


As long as your data remain with us, we will apply all technical means within our reach to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and undue appropriation of the users’ personal data.


It is well to remember that, during Internet browsing, it is not possible to fully eliminate access risks and unauthorized use, for which reason the user should also implement suitable security measures for website browsing.


Updates and changes to our Policy


Considering the quick pace of change we have been experienced in the past few years, updates are always necessary. Changes and updates to our Policy may occur at any time.


When these changes happen, users will be informed via the chosen communication channel. Should there be no agreement as to the changes, the user may request consent revocation.


Complaints and Doubts 


If you have any doubt concerning the treatment of your personal data and the rights conferred upon you by applicable law and especially referred to in this Policy, kindly access us via e-mail address


We also emphasize that the user has the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Authority, as provided by law.

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